cosmelan® is the leading worldwide depigmentation method to treat spots with maximum efficacy and safety. We tell you why cosmelan® is much more than a chemical peel.

cosmelan peel

The cosmelan® method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome. To the question “is it a peel?” we answer: yes, but it goes far beyond that!

A standard peeling is a treatment that acts on the surface of the skin by chemically eliminating the top layers and contributing to its renewal. Chemical peels deliver high concentrations of exfoliating acids to the skin to brighten the complexion, even skin tone and to improve the appearance of spots and wrinkles. In the case of patients with dark spots, a peel can help fade the spots but the blemish will appear again if the mechanisms that produce it are not treated.

The cosmelan® method visibly removes and attenuates spots (just like a peel) but it most importantly provides a regulating action as it corrects the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots' reappearance. While peelings act on the surface of the problem, cosmelan® treatment targets the origin.

A picture is worth a thousand words… So here are some pictures of before and after cosmelan® treatment results:

Before and after cosmelan
before and after cosmelan®
Before and after cosmelan - second capture
before and after cosmelan®

Do you want to know more about cosmelan® treatment?

Although many people refer to it as “cosmelan peel”, the treatment consists of 4 phases that turn it into a protocol for the elimination and control of the spots rather than a one-time remedy.

Phase 1: intense depigmentation

cosmelan pack

A single session in cabin in which the aesthetic professional applies cosmelan 1 mask for an intensive depigmenting action. We must let the mask act for 8-12 hours. This produces the removal of the melanin deposits of the skin, as well as its renewal.

Phases 2, 3 and 4: depigmentation, regulation and control

cosmelan home pack

Home protocol recommended by the aesthetic professional. The patient must follow an application guideline of cosmeceuticals complementary to the method. This is part of the depigmentation process and also the way to prevent the reappearance of spots. The protocol includes:

depigmenting aesthetic treatment

worldwide reference professional depigmenting treatment

cosmelan peel

Are you worried about spots? Discover more about cosmelan® and find your nearest aesthetic center to start the treatment.