wide-spectrum sun protection

The innovative range that provides complete sun protection against the various types of visible and invisible radiation that reach the skin. Specific textures and active ingredients suited to each skin type.

comprehensive sun protection

mesoprotech® complex provides a wide-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, blue light (HEV) and infrared light (IR) radiation.

antiaging action

collagen pro-47 is a specific anti-aging active ingredient that protects and enhances type-I collagen, enhancing skin elasticity and flexibility.


water-resistant formulas that guarantee sun protection when swimming or doing sports.

high dermal safety

dermatologically tested formulas to ensure maximum tolerance in all skin types.

melan 130

what is mesoprotech®?

mesoprotech® is the innovative range that provides a wide-spectrum sun protection. Formulas with specific textures and active ingredients, combined with an antiaging active ingredient, that complete a sun protection suited to the needs of each skin type.

what is a wide-spectrum photoprotection?

A wide-spectrum protection against the various types of visible and invisible radiation that reach our skin: UVB, UVA, visible light (HEV) and infrared radiation (IR).

mesoprotech®, features mesoprotech® complex, a photoprotection complex made up of the optimal combination of biological and/or chemical filters aimed at providing the maximum efficacy and cosmetic effect.

filtro fisico

1. physical filters

mineral particles
they reflect solar radiation.

filtro quimico

2. chemical filters

organic molecules
they absorb solar radiation and make it harmless to the skin.

filtro bio

3. biological filters

antioxidant molecules
they block free radicals and strengthen the skin's antioxidant systems.

what mesoprotech® products are suitable for me?

Its formulas have been developed with specific textures and active ingredients to suit the needs of each skin type.

application tips

Do not remain too long under the sun, as photoprotectors minimize the sun's risks but do not eliminate them.

Apply in sufficient quantity (2 mg/cm2, equivalent to one-teaspoon amount, on the entire face, neck and neckline) 30 min before sun exposure.

Reducing the amount applied significantly reduces the level of sun protection.

Reapply every 2 hours, especially after swimming, drying with a towel or sweating.

Reapplication is essential to maintain the level of protection and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Avoid sun exposure during midday and early afternoon (between 11:00 - 16:00).

In the event of intense sun exposure, we recommend wearing sunglasses and/or a hat.


FAQs mesoprotech®

do people with darker skin (high phototypes) need sunscreen?

The clearer the skin (lower phototypes), the easier it will be burnt by solar radiation. However, all skin types, including darker skins, suffer imperceptible damage caused by solar radiation. Photoprotection is essential for any skin type and phototype.

how often should I apply sunscreen?

We recommended reapplying sunscreen every two hours in a sufficient amount (2 mg/cm2, equivalent to a teaspoon), as the degree of protection is reduced if the amount applied is insufficient. It's especially important to apply after swimming -after drying off with a towel- or when sweating.

when should I use sunscreen?

It's important to protect oneself during all seasons, taking special care when enjoying outdoor activities and when solar radiation is more intense, such as at the beach or in the mountains.

what should I take into account when choosing sunscreen?

The first thing you should consider when choosing sunscreen is that it protects from skin damage caused by the main types of radiation: UVB and UVA rays, visible light (HEV) and infrared radiation (IR). Sun damage is not exclusively due to UVA and UVB radiation, visible and infrared radiation play a very important role. Therefore, look for photoprotectors that offer broad-spectrum protection.

Other factors to be taken into account are the skin type and area of application. Sunscreen should be used on a daily basis and reapplied several times, which is why it must suit your skin type and feel comfortable on the face. From lighter textures for oily skin to more rich textures for dry skin, it's a matter of finding one that meets your needs.

Don't forget the more sensitive areas of your face, such as your lips and eye contour.

Look for the mesoprotech® sun protection that suits your skin type.

do I need to protect my skin on cloudy days?

Up to 90% of UV rays penetrate the clouds. Cloudy and windy days can lead to a misperception in the intensity of solar radiation, but the effects of radiation are the same.

can I use last summer's sunscreen?

We don't recommend using a sunscreen after exceeding the months specified by the PAO (Period After Opening) on the container. The PAO is an icon that can be found on the container and indicates the months that the product is in optimal condition after opening. After this period has elapsed, the protection's efficacy is reduced.

do I have to apply sunscreen on my lips?

Lips are particularly sensitive and vulnerable to external factors. They are covered by a simple epithelium, are highly vascularised and have no melanocytes or sebaceous glands, so they don't have a self-protecting mechanism and it's especially important to protect them from the sun.

Within the mesoprotech® range, you can find mesoprotech® sun protective repairing stick. You can also use it on the eye contour, scars and skin spots.